Bani Hashim Society Services- Free Food Bank, Free English Classes, Free Professioanl Certification (for Job Ready Courses), Burial Services, Marriage Assisstance, Dental and Medical Assisstance

     Dua Tawasal - Tuesday Night 

           (After Namaz-e-Isha)

      Dua Kumail - Thursday Night

‚Äč        (Before Namaz-e-Maghrib)

         Friday Prayers - 1:30 PM

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Power Of Giving
When charity (alms) is delivered out of the hand of its owner, it (the thing being given) says five things: At first I was perishing and you gave me life; I was insignificant and you made me great; I was an enemy and you turned me into a friend you used to protect me then but now I will protect you up to the day of resurrection.
Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)

     Salaat Timings


Call to check schedule  - +1.905.212.1472.  We are available 24/7

    Important Announcements

Weekly Program:

Du'aa al Tawassul:

Every Tuesday after Nimaaz e Maghribain.

Du'aa e Kumail

Every Thursday at 8:00 pm followed by Nimaaz e Maghribain.

Nimaaz e Jumma:

Every Friday.

First Khutba 1:15 pm

Nimaaz        1:30 pm