Salaat Timings

Upcoming Events

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SAFAR Program:

21st to 29th of Safar.

Majlis recited by Maulana Aun Mohammad Naqvi from Pakistan. Program starts at 8:00pm with Hadees e Kissa, Soz o Salaam 8:45pm, Hadees 8:30pm.

27th of Safar.

Taboot e Imam Hassan (AS)

26th December

Salaana Shab e Azaa.

MAJALIS Schedule:

11th Muharram to 29th Saffar.

Complete Program

Islamic Calendar

11th to 20th of Safar.

Majlis recited by Dr Syed Hasan Rizvi, Musafar e Quran from Pakistan. 

1st to 10th of Safar.

Majlis recited by Maulana Fazil Moosavi ( From USA).

21st to 30th of Muharram.

Majlis recited by Maulana Qari Mumtaz Ali (English / Urdu Speech).

Previous Events

​​The Bani Hashim Society Membership is now open till 29th Safar 1436 (22 Dec 2014)

PMP Exam Prep Course Registeration for Jan 10, 2015 is now open. 

Weekly Program:

Du'aa al Tawassul:

Every Tuesday after Nimaaz e Maghribain.

Du'aa e Kumail

Every Thursday at 7:30pm followed by Nimaaz e Maghribain.

Nimaaz e Jumma:

Every Friday.

First Khutba 12:15 pm

Nimaaz        12:45 pm