Salaat Timings

Upcoming Events

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Majlis Sh'hadat Muslim Bin Aqil (a.s.):
Thursday Oct 02, 2014.

Majlis will start after Nimaz e Maghribaen.

Nimmaz e Eid ul Adha:
Sunday Oct 05, 2014.

First Jammat:      9:00 am. 

Second Jammat:  10:00 am.

Jashan e Eid e Ghadeer:
Sunday Oct 18, 2014.

Program starts at 7:30 pm. Niyaaz will be served after the program.

Business Analysis Course:

Registration Opens Sep 28. Please visit Adult Education Tab for more details.

Islamic Calendar

Sept 14:

Sunday School Registration:
Registration Date was Sep 14, 2014 from 11AM to 1PM.

Sunday School from Sept 21, 2014.

Sept 04:

Milad Imaam Ali Raza (AS) 

Previous Events

​​The First of Dhul Hijjah was on Sep 26th. Eid ul Adha will be on Oct 05th, Sunday. 

Weekly Program:

Du'aa al Tawassul:

Every Tuesday after Nimaaz e Maghribain.

Du'aa e Kumail

Every Thursday at 7:30pm followed by Nimaaz e Maghribain.

Nimaaz e Jumma:

Every Friday.

First Khutba 1:15 pm

Nimaaz        1:45 pm